EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW - Melissa McCarthy Confessed About Her Weight Loss - It sounds Preety Healthy

Dr Mehmet Oz - Melissa McCarthy is very passionate and funny actress on Hollywood, These days she is gaining more popularities on Newspaper and Magazines with the refrences of her acting and her amazing change on her body.

Recenly she has become the motivation to those who wants to loss their body weight,Lately she has become to media sensation for hercontrovertial method use to 50 pound fat burn within a 4 week. Now She has turn to someone to talk about on the red carpet.

45-year-old Melissa McCarthy Massive change on their body in the movie, The Boss

She has many backlash on the media regarding with her weightloss and I set up the interview with her on her routine on amazing quick change on her body.

Dr. Oz: Share us how did you gathered motivation for your weightloss?

Melissa McCarthy:(giggle) We don't need any strong motivation. I had been trying so hard about my body throught my life concerning about my body weight and my all hard work out and excercise does showed up anything but my will power doesn't gave up suddenly I at the end of this year(2015)I got what I want to be but that wasn't by any controlling my diet or any other new work out tips.

Dr. Oz:Yeah, that really cool but can you tell us what your Secret recipe of Melissa McCarthy weight loss?

Melissa :hmm I still remember the day I was rejected my role in the movie which I am not going to mention its name. I was really depressed and coming home watching TV show lucking I am tuning to your channel and I heard you are talking about diet supplement called Garcinia Lean Xtreme with your all the scientific explanation I am impatience to it try out next day and I felt inside few weeks that was really miracle weight loss pill. It took my body to next level.

Dr. Oz: And as you are saying you didn't excrecise or control on diet?

Melissa McCarthy: I already told you I was controlling my diet and exercise before for year and year nothing big change I have notice with my body but after this diet suppliment I did not have to change anything on my regular diet and I just spend my day normally without and stress and specific routine. Just I will be busy with my kids and my working scheduel. The only thing I have to set about my time on my body is to take pill as recommended.

Dr. Oz: So, When did you start feeling different on your body?

Melissa McCarthy: After having pills for a week I have notice the staff member of the office talking about me like i heard people talking behind my back like "Melissa McCarthy weight loss" "Omg like her she looks so light these days" and after couple of weeks my friends start to ask about my diet plan and tips to loss weight and I simply told them there nothing heavy I have done. I am just taking Garcinia Lean Xtreme and I told them about How I know this product from your show. They could believe at me first until they tried by themself and showed me with quick and incredible result. Now I seriously believe lossing weight is not a rock science.

Dr. Oz: Can you share us on detail that how did you find the diet pills?

Melissa McCarthy: Actually let me clear first that I am not sponsering anything on your show and I'm not getting anything by this product recommendation. This weight loss pill is my personal experience and the result is amazing just simply reserch by your own before buying online. I personally found their is no risk trying it.

The weight loss miracle pill I am talking about is Garcinia Lean Xtreme. If some doctor like is recommending then there should be legit science behind it. Isn't it?

Dr. Oz: You have already lose your 50 pound weight? Do you still want to lose more?

Melissa McCarthy: Now my Physical apprence doesn't bother me anymore I start feeling very light and active. At next week I will completly stop talking Garcinia Lean Xtreme Because I don’t want to be skinny and its not part of my plan. I still love curves(smile).

Dr. Oz: You are already star of Comedy. What audience will see as melissa in the upcoming screen?

Melissa McCarthy: The Boss and Ghostbusters is my upcoming movies, I tried different role this time in these movie other then movie engaging myself toward different things like faishion line trying to be active and having fun.

Below is the image of Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss. Her unrecognisable trasformation on the right side was of before and left side is the image of how she is now.

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss is not only success story that celebrity had with Garcinia Lean Xtreme. It has been used by many celebrity without any outbreaking of media. It is included on the list of quick result showing diet supplement from ages. This method is very popular in the Hollywood because it have no sideeffect at future at all.

From 2016 many well know celebrity start endorsing this pill so pubics start to pull their eyes on it.

Cameron Diaz share her experience with Garcinia Lean Xtreme on my show

Garcinia Lean Xtreme helped Jennifer Lopez Amazing toned figure

After my show on the Garcinia many I encoutered many celebrities are into this weight loss pill and I began making report on more this diet pills. On my research I found out many sucessful stories of celebrities who are 100% depended on diet pills and they are from all over the world. On my report what I found was they found dramatic change on their first test pill from which I get more positive feedback. To take me examination more deeper I contact California research department on California Institute of Technology's reserch lab to show how it really works. In this report we randomly selected girls and woman with 20 years old or more different age group have a visceral fat which is around more that 85 cm2. Users are tested with 12 weeks program of Garcinia Lean Xtreme that contain 1000 mg of HCA a day with Placebo-controlled, Parallel group design. We deceided to visit all the users in every 2 weeks to talk about any side effects and all the users examine tomography scan at the umbilical level at −2, 0, 12, and 14 weeks.


Random 30 User Experience(UX) are taken from where 15 placebo group were at basline and which completed the study of Garcinia Lean Xtreme till 12 weeks data show, n=18; placebo group , n=12. Result shows it reduce visceral, subcutaneous and fat areas that indicate P<0.001 with no side efftects.

What makes Garcinia Lean Xtreme work?

Garcinia Lean Xtreme helps to burns the fat area and replace with muscle that maintain the shape of the body with the help of that body looks natural.. It also helps to release adrenaline and cortisol that control stress and mood swinging. Toxin plays negetive role in body so which regular use of Garcinia it release out from the body that makes skin look beautiful and anti oxidant helps skin look younger plus energatic in short amount of time.

Garcinia Lean Xtreme Scientifically Prove:

  • Anti Oxide helps of tone of skin of body
  • Burn the fat 3rd times better than exercise
  • Eliminate toxin from the body
  • Improve in Apptite and disgestive health
  • Maintain Energy level.
  • Imrove testosterone harmone that help health hair and skin
  • Helps in increase metabolism

Results and opinion of general public on Garcinia Lean Xtreme

Lossing 20 pound in 4 weeks is alomost like looking attractive in any dress


Week One:
1st week of continuously using Garcinia Lean Xtreme it makes me feel much ligher and better. I almost loss 4 lbs in a week. In first week I only lose water weight that makes me feel energetic when I wake up at morning. I used to feel hungry all the time but now I don't feel hunger. I am feeling good now I am excited for next week.

Week Two:
At 2nd week I notice I feel ligher in my work. Before I have to take rest at the middle of the work. I used to feel tried and low around 2 pm and less focus on my work. Now my laziness completly gone. I do continuous work very active with full of energy no longer stare at watch. I loss another 5 lbs of weight that is my next achivement. This change win the trust of mine before using it I used to think nothing works until we plan diet.

Week Three:
At 3 weeks,This week I lose 3.5 lbs weight. I tried skinny dressed that looks perfect for me. My surrounding family and friends are very suprise with my sudden change it feels special when people around you start compliment to your body. I feel like crying! all my doubt of gone in this stage. No more power nap now energy level has been boost up.

Week Four:
In this week I loss total 21 lbs from the begin of using Garcinia lean Xtreme. My skin looks better and the digesting of my food is good. I feel so much lighter now. My friends start asking for recommendation for suppliment. My excitment and confident level rise up I never thought it would be so easy and cheap at same time to loss weight. I will continue to use Gracinia lean Xtreme because it help to supress my appitite. After my personal experience I would like to suggest my friend who are really please see my change in body. I recommend to try out trial bottle first and test before.

Losing 21 lbs in 4 Weeks makes anyone happy without any hard wordout schduel or and complex diet plan.

Pharmaceutical Science has been so advance in these recent year and I want to change on the people who are still trying tradition method but still nothing change. On my show I often share report on quick way to weight. often It feels like impossible disappointing but its all about but its all about medical breakdown effort on research that make possible. In my interview I most of the time called dietian using weighloss suppliment and share their stories.

More often I do TV show then writing but due to growing number unprofessional health related media show worthless article about weight loss tips and ideas to keep away from them for general public I have to speak up.

Melissa McCarthy Weight loss is great example for the to show that Garcinia Lean Xtreme can do what diet and exercise can't.

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